About company

Az Smart LLC offers solutions for various types of trade and services, as well as innovative financial technologies for the banking sector. Az Smart LLC was registered in 2019 as an operator of a new generation control cash register in the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Az Smart LLC offers comprehensive solutions for cash registers and software that meet the standards established by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan for various sectors of trade throughout the country. These solutions allow entrepreneurs to work on the principles of transparency, accountability and reliable entrepreneurship, helping them to perform their daily work more simply and efficiently.

Our mission

Az Smart has adopted the provision of efficient, efficient and high-quality online cash services using both existing and innovative methods as its main criterion.

Our view

To provide all types of entrepreneurs in our country with high-quality online sales registers and service.

Our values

We are a responsible, respectable, prompt and efficient online sales register operator.

We promote honesty, decency and openness in all our work.

We are in any region of Azerbaijan!

Feedback from our customers

Turgut Nabiyev LLC "Optimal Electronics"

As Optimal Electronics LLC, we are very satisfied with the services you provide, the systematic work of your company and, most importantly, the behavior of your employees towards customers.

Nazaket Khanum Mercedes Benz Spare parts

All types of services are at a high level.

Hayala Khanum SB-11 LLC

Cash registers, as well as the level of service deserve praise.

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