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Интерфейс SmartOne Mobile POS

Mobile cash register Mobile POS

This application is absolutely free, and is pre-installed on all AZ SMART smart terminals

Интеграция с системами учета

Integration with accounting systems

We have simplified the connection with other accounting and commodity accounting systems! Now you do not need to spend huge amounts of money to set up work with programs that are already in use, for example, 1C. Data export and import is carried out in the extension you need.

Remote control

Monitor and receive reports from smart terminals from anywhere in the world in real time. In your personal account, you can deploy a whole network of retail outlets and maintain a product range on any scale – both for a separate cash register and for a specific retail outlet

Работа с дополнительным оборудованием

Additional equipment

Mobile POS can work with money boxes, electronic scales, pin pads, barcode scanners. You will not need to purchase software to work with additional equipment!

Работа в оффлайн режиме

Working in offline mode

In the Mobile POS application, you can make a sale, even when there is no connection! The buyer will receive a receipt, and when the network is restored, the data is synchronized with the server.

Online and offline modes of operation

The Mobile POS application allows you to accept payments even if there is no Internet connection

Online mode of operation

Offline operation mode

Suitable for whom?

SmartOne Mobile POS is suitable for any type of business, learn about the advantages for your field

Преимущества SmartOne для интернет-магазина

Online store

Преимущества SmartOne для розницы

Retail trade​

Преимущества SmartOne для кафе и ресторанов

Cafes and restaurants​

Преимущества SmartOne для сферы услуг


Преимущества SmartOne для логистики


Обратный звонок SmartOne

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Frequently Asked Questions

All about the Mobile POS mobile app

On SmartOne mobile smart terminals, you can register several software registrar of settlement operations at once. Therefore, every entrepreneur, opening the program under his own name, has the opportunity to register and also fiscalize checks.

SMARTY is a simple and certainly informative application for the head of the enterprise, besides it can be downloaded directly on our website. It is especially important that the application allows you to monitor revenue, profit, and the average check in real time, not only for the current shift, but also for any date interval. Thanks to this, it is possible to control the work of all your establishments in one application, whether it is a store anywhere in the world, or the opening of a shift at any time.

It is especially important for entrepreneurs that the mobile application works with the support of the Android 9 OS, which is familiar to literally everyone. Thanks to this, the application can be installed on almost any computer, smartphone or tablet. At the same time, a simple and intuitive interface makes employee training easy and fast.

According to the developers, the presence of the appropriate rights allows the employee to issue the return documents. At the same time, it is possible to form a refund only on the basis of invoices from past cash shifts (among other things, a refusal operation is provided for the accounts of the current shift).

The mobile application also contains many reports that analyze the work of the enterprise according to various criteria. For example, a group of product reports will allow you to monitor product balances in real time and make purchases in a timely manner, as well as monitor sales, margins and profitability of each product. Secondly, financial reports provide information about all mutual settlements with both buyers and suppliers, and also display the movement and balances of funds on each of the cash registers.

After logging in to the mobile application, the assortment directories (taking into account the configured assortment for the checkout) and employees will be loaded automatically. The division of the assortment into groups allows you to take into account the features of all product items when selling (for example, selling only a whole quantity or applying discounts), and also greatly simplifies working with the database and searching through the assortment.

Working in the SmartOne Mobile POS application primarily involves dividing into cash shifts. To open a new shift or close the current one, use the corresponding buttons on the main panel. Moreover, when closing a shift, the program will clarify the need for collection from the user, and also, if there are still unclosed receipts, it will offer to transfer them to a new shift.