Payment and delivery

Terms of delivery

Registration of the device in the state register and delivery is carried out within a maximum of 3 (three) working days.

* In cases of payment by bank transfer or via payment terminals, 3 (three) business days are counted from the date of payment.

** In all other cases, it is taken into account from the date of receipt of the application.

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Payment methods

To purchase the device, the following payment options are available:

Payment by bank transfer

On the basis of the issued invoice, a transfer is made to a bank account in the form of an advance. After the device is delivered, an electronic invoice is sent.

Payment in cash on the spot

Payment is made on the spot to the employee who made the delivery.

Via payment terminals

Payment is made through various terminals using the data of the taxpayer's number and the object Code.

Via the POS terminal

It is possible to make a payment via any bank card in the form of a debit or installment plan (BirKart-installments for 2 and 3 months).

It is also possible to purchase cash registers on credit. For more information, please contact our representative.

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