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A budget smart terminal with a USB port and a compact and lightweight case



A modern 3-in-1 smart terminal with the ability to pay both in cash, by cards and contactless payment

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6 Reasons to Use Az Smart Online Sales Registers:

Подключение периферии

They already have everything you need

Connectors and wireless interfaces for connecting any device: from scales to cash boxes and external scanners

Любые типы оплаты

They accept any types of payments

The acquiring module allows you to make any types of payments. The comfort of the service increases customer loyalty and expands your capabilities!

Компактные размеры

Save space

Az Smart cash registers are compact in size and light in weight. They are easy to place even on a small cashier's counter

Бесперебойная торговляя

Uninterrupted trading

Even if the connection and power in the network are lost, you will be able to accept payments from customers within a day

Простота использования

Do not require training

There is no need to spend time and money on training cashiers. Using our devices is as easy as using a smartphone!

Универсальные кассы SmartOne


Az Smart cash registers can be used in any business area. The software provides hundreds of application options.

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Az Smart Software Products

They increase sales and the quality of service, optimize working hours

Сервис учета SmartOne ERP


  • All types of management accounting are collected in a cloud application
  • Remote monitoring of all processes in the enterprise from anywhere in the world
  • Transparent accounting using the FIFO method with effective adjustment of selling prices
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