Technical maintenance

Agree, maintenance is necessary for any equipment. And the mobile cash terminal is no exception! Regular inspection will extend the service life of your device. And also, you will be able to notice and fix any malfunctions in time.

Maintenance includes checking:

Az Smart is the main service center. And also has the authority to accredit other organizations for the right to perform work with the cash terminal.

General terms and definitions:

Service Center

An organization authorized to sell Az Smart terminals, original spare parts and accessories to them. As well as carry out repair work and provide service services. Including commissioning, serviceability check, repair (warranty) and decommissioning.

After-sales service

These are operations to maintain the health of the Az Smart device. As well as a complex of checks of the mobile payment terminal during use, storage and transportation.

Frequency of service maintenance

This is the time interval in the operation of the device. It is measured between one type of service (warranty repair) and a subsequent one of the same type (or another, of greater complexity).

Checking the health of the terminal

Verification of compliance with the established requirements.

Service duration

The calendar time of one service (warranty repair).


The stage of the device life cycle at which its quality is implemented, maintained and restored. This can be both operation for its intended purpose, and maintenance, as well as warranty repairs.

It is important to consider:

When performing scheduled maintenance, require making notes about the work performed in the appropriate section of the passport. If there are no marks, you may receive a refusal of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Maintenance and repair of the terminal not in an authorized center, as well as late receipt of services may limit the warranty obligations of both the manufacturer and the service center.

The recommended period of scheduled maintenance is 6 months.

The purchase of the terminal means that the user agrees to the terms of operation, service and warranty repair. As well as the warranty rules given in the device passport.